Rosenow Industries was formed in 1984 by Lloyd Rosenow, who is still the current owner. We service all states in Australia with our head office located in Echuca, Victoria.

Our vision is quite simple ‘We will leave no stone unturned to give our customers 100% satisfaction’.

Servicing Victoria, NSW, SA and the rest of Asutralia. Rosenow Industries is recognised for excellent customer service and quality workmanship, so call us free on 1800 806 134 for an obligation free quote.

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Vinyl Cladding
Vinyl Cladding
Vinyl Cladding
Vinyl Cladding
Vinyl Cladding
Vinyl Cladding
Vinyl Cladding
Vinyl Cladding
Vinyl Cladding
Vinyl Cladding


At Rosenow Industries we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the products we use. To ensure our customers are happy with our work now and in the years to come, we only use the best Australian supplied materials.

Rosenow Industries is a registered master builder in Victoria & NSW and only use experienced tradesmen to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. At Rosenow Industries we look after your home as if it was our own.

Most of the materials we supply come with a 50 Year Warranty so please ask our friendly staff how you can take advantage of a 50 Year Warranty.

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Vinyl Cladding | White
2 / 14
Vinyl Cladding | Linen
3 / 14
Vinyl Cladding | Vintage-Cream
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Vinyl Cladding | Soft-Maple
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Vinyl Cladding | Sand
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Vinyl Cladding | Heather
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Vinyl Cladding | Wicker
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Vinyl Cladding | Banksia
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Vinyl Cladding | Flagstone
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Vinyl Cladding | Sterling
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Vinyl Cladding | Estate-Grey
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Vinyl Cladding | Harvard-Slate
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Vinyl Cladding | Blue-Grey
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Vinyl Cladding | Pebble-Clay

Vintage Cream
Soft Maple
Estate Grey
Harvard Slate
Blue Grey
Pebble Clay


* Only applies to selected products.
Rosenow Industries only source the best quality Vinyl cladding materials. Tough & durable vinyl cladding adds value to your home, improves insulation, reduces maintenance and is an environmentally sustainable product.

We offer a wide variety of profiles from traditional to designer, in an impressive range of colours. With a realistic wood grain finish and in a wide variety of heritage colours, our traditional boards replicate the classic appeal of weatherboards for your next renovation. While our designer boards will provide the stunning sharp and sleek lines for any new build.

With a 50 year guarantee on most of our cladding products, Rosenow Industries is the perfect choice for enduring colour retention, fade resistance, care-free maintenance, as well as superior weather and impact resistance.